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Part of Lighthouse Furniture Project Ltd.         A Registered Charity in the UK         #1120398

25-27 Tallon Road, Hutton, Brentwood, Essex CM13 1TE, United Kingdom

E: computers@reuseitplus.org.uk;         T: 01277 222050;         F: www.facebook.com/reuseitplus;         Twitter: @ReuseiTPlus



Reuse-iT Plus, part of the Lighthouse Furniture Charity, was established in 2010 and followed on from the successful FRP-REUSEiT project which ran in East London from 2005.

The Founder of REUSEiT, Steve Nicholls, is still involved with the scheme and has a seat on the management committee.

In the lifetime of this scheme and it's predecessor, more than 2000 PCs have been received and over 1500 of these re-used for the benefit of over 150 Charities, Community Groups, Volunteer Organisations, Schools and their service users.

This in turn has saved that sector from purchasing new equipment, which we estimate would total in excess of £500,000.00

Our prime objective, with regard to the organisations we supply computers to, is that they are UK based (mainly in and around London and Essex) supporting local communities.

Reuse-iT Plus is a successful, proactive computer recycling project that now supplies a rebuilt PC within 4 to 6 weeks of a customer request.






Our People

Nearly 100 years in IT and counting…


Kush - Director (Reuse-iT Plus) / Operations and IT Manager (Parent Charity)

Kush (Michael) has been in the I.T. sector for 41 years and held IT Director and Global Troubleshooter roles with some of the countries largest multinationals. Involved with FRP-REUSEiT and then Reuse-iT Plus, he sits on the management committee and provides valuable insight, mentorship and sheer outrageous luck.


Brian - Computer Engineer

Brian has 43 years experience in the I.T. field and has enjoyed roles such as Application and Systems Programmer and Technical Manager. He joined us 2 years ago to expand his knowledge further and has proven to be an invaluable asset to our organisation.

Brian is involved in all aspects of Reuse-iT’s work, from rebuilding and recycling computers through to technical support to our clients.


Our History

With over 2000 PC’s Refurbished, a continuing story of success…