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Part of Lighthouse Furniture Project Ltd.         A Registered Charity in the UK         #1120398

25-27 Tallon Road, Hutton, Brentwood, Essex CM13 1TE, United Kingdom

E: computers@reuseitplus.org.uk;         T: 01277 222050;         F: www.facebook.com/reuseitplus;         Twitter: @ReuseiTPlus

We provide a range of services to charities, community groups and volunteer organisations, small businesses and the general public including:


Reused Computers - Good quality Dual-Core Desktop and Laptop Computers installed with new and fully licensed copies of the Windows 10 Professional Operating System and MS Office 2010 Home and Business Suite as well as other software including free Anti-Virus software.

All are internet ready and come with necessary power cables, peripherals and a Flat-Screen Monitor.

Secure Hard Disk Erasure - for individuals and companies, the complete, certifiable and irrecoverable wiping of your hard disk drives and all data they contain using a Microsoft Partner Software called Active@ KillDisk - donated PC's are erased free of charge.

Support - IT support for everyone, from system tune-ups and quick fixes to system upgrades and rebuilds.

There are a number of service features that make it easy for individuals and organisations to donate their redundant equipment to us:


Collect or Deliver - We offer a collection service, in conjunction with Lighthouse Furniture, to pick-up your equipment from your premises free of charge.

If you prefer, you may also deliver the equipment to us at a convenient time for you, either of these can be arranged when you contact the scheme to donate.

Flexibility -  Within a structured pick-up schedule, we offer you a fair amount of choice as to when your equipment is collected, this week or next we can accommodate your need for a flexible approach to the disposal of your redundant equipment.

Security -  All data on donated machines is destroyed. We guarantee to securely erase all data from donor PCs and laptops prior to commencing the rebuild process - we can also do this on site for you for maximum piece of mind.

WEEE Recycling -  We have a commitment to recycle any part of a donated machine that is, for whatever reason, unusable or unable to be reused. Fully certified under the European WEEE legislation, we ensure that any demanufacture is done effectively and that components of differing base materials are disposed of in an environmentally sensitive manner and everything that can be recycled is processed accordingly.